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The professionalism of our employees is the hallmark of our company. We offer above normal compensation, benefits, training programs and career advancement in order to attract and keep the best workers in our industry. The ServiceMax business philosophy is simple: treat our employees fair, pay them higher than other companies in our industry and expect more in the form of commitment and quality.

With our expertise, employee training programs, and the ServiceMax Customer Assurance Program, our team at Servicemax will make sure our valued client’s needs and concerns are dealt with in the utmost professional and efficient manner.

Commercial Cleaning Company Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Story

A large company that takes the personal approach

Founded in 1997 ServiceMax constantly strives to be a leading in quality in the Las Vegas market.  Like many startup organizations, there were several lessons learned.  Having the experience of working in the valley for two decades has given ServiceMax an advantage at servicing and maintaining a client base that demands the best.  ServiceMax through diligent recruiting and training has kept in place key management personnel which has been crucial in our relationships with our clients which spans years not months.

Growth has not always been easy, as changes can be challenging.  From the early days in small medical and single tenant users, to beginning our current trend of only accepting multi-tenant, class "A" and medical buildings, quality has been stressed throughout.  When developing our employees and management team, ServiceMax has always separated itself by paying more, providing more, as well as keeping ongoing education at the top of the employee requirements.  With over 3 million square feet cleaned nightly, ServiceMax has had to continue to develop, or become one of the other companies that operate like a corporate entity instead of a partner with management.

Within the ServiceMax umbrella, there are several key operations which contribute to the successful results of higher quality and better service.  From our trained daily cleaners, to our supervisors on site which handle the day to day needs of our clients, ServiceMax always demands the best every day.  The difference is, our employees demand the best as well.

The management team at ServiceMax has over 130 years of experience in the industry.  This has been one of the greatest assets to continue with development and improvement, of service and technique in the way we do business.  ServiceMax also has a separate division of floor care specialists.  These individuals are in an ongoing training program with industry leaders in specialized carpet care and hard surface maintenance.  By spending the time and money on education and training, ServiceMax has the best available methods and personnel to handle your buildings' needs.

Being a local company, ServiceMax can operate smoothly and professionally with demands or decisions that need an answer now.  There is no "red tape" or "corporate suits" that will ever dictate cutting service for profit for the shareholders.  ServiceMax believes that its clients and employees are its greatest assets and deserve individual attention.

Although ServiceMax is one of the larger companies operating in Southern Nevada, we want you to feel as though you are the only client we have.

The commitment daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly has been the key to ServiceMax being the "Best" in the Vegas Valley.  When we analyze adding a property to our portfolio, we have always projected not only the "Start up," but making sure that the ongoing service is second to none.  With this, ServiceMax has grown significantly in its 20 year history.  By adding value to our relationships and progressive cleaning techniques within their properties, ServiceMax has always stayed one step ahead of the competition.